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Jin Ho Hur



Dr. Hur is the Founder & CEO of Crzyfish, the mobile game publisher for Korea, Japan, and China, which he founded in 2010.

Prior to them, he served as the CEO of Neowiz Internet from 2008, which had operated SayClub, the #2 social network service in Korea.

He also had served from 2003 through 2011 as the Chairman of Korea Internet Corporations Association (www.kinternet.org), the industry association for internet businesses in Korea, including all major portals, online marketplace, and online games as members.

Prior to these positions, Dr. Hur has been a serial entrepreneur establishing a series of internet startups. He had founded Iworld Holdings Limited in 2000, a management service provider (MSP), the pre-cursor of the cloud service, and Inet in 1994, the first non-carrier Internet service provider (ISP) in Korea.

Inet, the first non-carrier ISP in Korea, had grown into top three ISP. In 1998, Inet was acquired by PSINet, the first and then-the-largest commercial ISP in the world.

Dr. Hur holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science of KAIST, and B.S. of Seoul National University (SNU), both of Korea.